Rafsanjan Pistachio Producers Cooperative. (R.P.P.C) is a public body in the agricultural production as well as export sections which can pioneer those of agricultural producing interest. Getting on for its 35 years of establishment & passing the 20th year of its booming Period of activity, the company enjoying precious experiences in enhancing production, profit gaining and winning incomes in Rial as well as dollar earning more than 2.631.000.000 dollars worth of agricultural products export, has significantly contributed to the fulfillment of the country 's non-oil export development program.

Such achievements were made while the company has not taken advantage of those privileges the state offerd for the rest of agricultural products.
During the period, we have tackled so many long-lasting difficulties, having undergone round-the-clock endeavoring of the cooperative's people in charge. We have been able to afford Iran's pistachio the first place in the world markets. For the time being , 55% of the world total production total, 83% of the world total consumption total and exceeding 60% of the far east market is under Iran's control & the prospects over the issue is very promising.

Canadian embassy's economy attaché's one – day visit to the r.p.p.c site
His Excellency Mr. John Rodney was received warmly by the company's commerce director as well as the representatatives to ......

Pistachio processing mechanized complex inauguration

The most sophisticated pistachio packing & processing complex has been inaugurated in the presence of their Excellencies mr.khsrow tag and ......

Pistachio symposium participants one day visit to the cooperative.
The 4th international pistachio and almond symposium affiliated to the world horticultural society was hedd in Tehran from 2005/5/22 to ......

The assembling of color sortex units
Two color sortex units made by well famed England – based sortex . Were bought by the r.p.p.c and assembled in the modern and mechanized ......

The cooperative's activity in the green corridor
The cooperative has developed a vest activity regarding the green corridor, that is to say, the cooperative. Has signed up contract with a ......

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