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The cooperation partook greatly of all attempts toward dispatching Iranian delegations to international fora, meetings of any research, technical & scientific interests & creating links with different authorities & institutions throughout the world. In the aforesaid job the contributing organizations were such as: Iran Export Development Org., Pistachio Corps to the ministry of Jihad Agriculture & Food Industry Health Dept.The General to the ministry of Health & Cure. The work would cause the feasibility for outsider bodies particularly those in the ministry of Jihad Agriculture to be advised with results concluded in seminars. Such institutions make the most of abroad-bound missions through accumulating their own powers.

The cooperative management's invitation from a delegation of 10 European correspondents to visit the site. The visiting delegation came over to Rafsanjan to pay a visit to facilities & equipments of the cooperative's pistachio processing center & pistachio orchards, and then report on relevant issues to the european media; this way, they helped a lot to remove misunderstandings regarding the probability of Pistachio contamination with Aflatoxin. All the travel expenses including visa taking, itinerary, security measures, accommodations, transportation and all, was paid by the cooperative.

The cooperative has played a terrific role in removing obstacles & barriers the local institutions may encounter, let's say, having offered assistance to the domestic utility bodies, Rafsanjan customs, Rafsanjan Health Dept. in purchasing Aflatoxin testing systems, & participating in a good number of research projects, to name a few.

Note: The cooperative's Turnover reduction in pistachio purchasing since the year 1998 (1377 S.H.) to 2004 (1383 S.H.) has taken place due to the fact that foreign currency stability caused relative decrease in the cooperative's rial incomes; therefore, not only did the cooperative not receive any financial support from the government but also has offered sort of subsidies to the country's economy.

Note: The sale programming should be contemplated in a way that target markets can always be supplied with pistachios , otherwise foreign customers, in the event of a few day's delay, would seek out other sellers, thus there would be incurred the break–up between the cooperative & its customers.

Noteworthy Records in the Cooperative's Report Card
  • Did stand the first in taking advantage of sophisticated facilities for the pistachio processing.
  • Did stand the first the cooperative in using modern sorting, vacuum packaging and diagnosing disease– prone points in pistachio processing & removing such contaminations implications.
  • Did rank first the in establishing well-equipped labs with Aflatoxin-testing systems and doing joint research projects.
  • Did win the first place in equipping stores & silos, fully modernized & controlled.
  • Did take the first stand in using container-vehicles to transport pistachio consignments from supplying points to target destinations.
  • Was rated the first in creating connections with European research head quarters.
  • Was assigned the first in convincing European officials of calling off tough measures & invitation from experts to visit the cooperative's accomplishments.

The Cooperative's Worldwide Distributing Headquarters

The most significant distributing center for Iran's pistachios is the port Hamburg in Germany.
The establishment of this office with the aim of elevating pistachio consumption & introducing the product to the native consumers through the roasting, packaging & handing it out among retailers was taken into consideration,& the cooperative regarding the long-term interests resulted from Iran's presence in the market agreed that ample investments should be allotted to the case.

With the job done, More value-added portion the cooperative would gain on one side, and on the other, the rate of dues & customs duties payable to european countries would shrink.

Germany-based headquarter : During the initial phase of direct arrival to the european markets,the cooperative got to perform diligently, having set up a pistachio-roasting as well as packaging plant adjacent to the previous sales office's location in Hamburg in 1986(1365 S.H.).

The plant named »Pistaco« through the most up-to-date automated machineries get well-packaged pistachios distributed across the Europe & Russian federation. The plant can afford European markets 7k. tons of pistachio products consigned to the Europe per annum.

The 10-thousand-square-meter plant cost the cooperative 14m.DM's (7m.euros),3200sq.m. of which has lain under roofed stores,1380sq.m. For administrative dept.,1840sq.m. production line & 324sq.m. staff-housing area.

Pistaco's commerce dept. is very active, having been able to support Iran's pistachio potential market in new packages of 100-gr.,200-gr.,500-gr. & 1-kgr capacities as well as those of larger size for wholesalers in 10-kgr. & 20-kgr. vacummed ones or even much larger in half-a-ton or one-ton packages.

The cooperative owns three sales offices as well as two representatives in Germany. The offices which are being directed by Iranian & German staffs has staged an extensive activity to make known & market Iran's pistachios to the Europe.

The afore-mentioned headquarters, through taking part in various fairs held worldwide, offering a variety of Iran's pistachios to visitors as well as projecting films, slides & other promotional equipments, beside marketing the product, helped enhance the country's pistachio export rate to the Europe.

Year Export (kg.)
1982 1.698.195
1983 7.180.320
1984 3.492.350
1985 4.374.680
1986 9.335.226
1987 20.079.311
1988 17.917.663
1989 24.708.960
1990 34.532.166
1991 58.057.400
1992 54.505.920
1993 56.141.072
1994 46.560.426
1995 55.370.213
1996 63.631.480
1997 18.440.680
1998 32.457.850
1999 30.107.220
2000 39.099.640
2001 51.244.015
2002 39.662.000
2003 47.346.391
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