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R.P.P.C.C. operation lay-out Since 1982 (1361 S.H.) to date
1.     Total Pistachio Purchase: 823
2.     Total Pistachio Export: 738
3.    Foreign currency income total: 2.150 bn.$
4.     Account crediting to the domestic car manufacturing: 250 bn.$
5.    Foreign currency sale & deposit statement to private as well as state-run industries: 231 m.$
6.    Bank statement: 1208 bn.$
7.    Extras refunded to the cooperative's members: 40 bn.tmn.
8.    The company's properties & asset (expert-estimated): some 100 bn.tmn.
It is noteworthy that the number of the cooperative's members, during the period, has been amplified from 1200 persons to 70,000 ones & the cooperative's stable assets have increased from 82 m.tmn. to more than 100 bn.tmn. At the beginning of the period, the company made no export at all.
Statistical view point in Pistachio industry development
  • In the year 1982 (1361 S.H.) pistachio export amounted to 6000 ton. and in the year 2003 (1382 S.H.)170,000 ton.
  • The country's pistachio export value total, in the year, 1982 (1361 S.H.) added up to $30m. while in the year 2003(1382 S.H.) approximated to $740m.
  • Upgrading pistachio quota out of agricultural products export total to more than 77%.
  • Increasing pistachio quota out of the country's non-oil export total up to 13%.
  • Earning more than $2bn. &600 m worth of pistachio export.
  • Winning an 83-percent share out of the world market in the recent decade.
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