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- Pistachio processing mechanized complex establishment in Rafsanjan township. The complex owning sophisticated equipments, has left a lasting influence on Iran's exported pistachio quality by means of product quality upgrading, classification and laser sorting of pistachio types. Damaged & contamination-suspected as well as packaging in vacuum bags to augment product healthy lasting. Iran export development organization has given bounteous contribution to the complex construction.

- Construction of well-equipped stores with peripheral implements and hygienic facilities according to European Union's advices.

- The construction of stores equipped with peripheral implements & based on E.U. advices with a capacity exceeding 200,000 tn. in 7 localities of Kerman province. In these stores, after the delivery, products are kept separately, regarding their growing locales, type, quality & other specifications. The job would allow the cooperative to have qualitative & superficial grading of each consignment registered and inform growers with those data at the time of settlement. The cooperative plays a significant role in exhorting international missions to visit Iran in order for them to gain confidence that Iran's pistachio production & processing has been improved.
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