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- Assisting pistachio research center in finding better ways toward the planting, maintenance & harvesting as well as product collecting ,storing up & processing. Not only the cooperative did give hand to the center to be formed but also through committing some research projects on various issues to the center, it makes use of the center presence to lift hindrances & obstacles in the way of pistachio production as well as controlling contamination contagion rate of product with Aflatoxin.

- Doing the joint research with E.U. to diminish Aflatoxin contaminated product. After E.U. having imposed tough restrictions, the cooperative has paid undivided attention to the issue, standing disbursements relevant to controlling disease contagion. These researches make it possible that Iran & E.U. work up constant relations & more understanding in order to resolve problems.

- The cooperative has played a terrific role in removing obstacles & barriers the local institutions may encounter, let's say, having offered assistance to the domestic utility bodies, Rafsanjan customs, Rafsanjan Health Dept. in purchasing Aflatoxin testing systems, & participating in a good number of research projects, to name a few.
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