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Inasmuch as a good majority of pistachio product is exported to the international markets, pistachio price – fixing is quite different from that of other agricultural products.

A diversity of indices would affect price –fixing, the most significant of which are such as : the whole global pistachio situation as well as the rate of surplus production of producing countries, the foremost ones of which are Iran & U.S.A, for the aforesaid reason ,the cooperative's experts, preceding annual general assembly in september, accomplish comprehensive surveys in this regard; putting forward their results to the assembly.

one of the most crucial sensitivity in pistachio price–fixing is its applicability to various markets. Approximately 80% of Iran's pistachio product is surplus to the internal consumption and inevitably should be exported.

Meanwhile Iran encounters powerful rivals who interpret Iran as much the gravest obstacle in the way of raising their own shares in the world markets, that's why, they have staged a breathtaking competition. Consequently the domestic market tariffs are affected very closely by the rate which should run throughout international markets, in such a situation, ignoring pistachio price-fixing indices can lead to some losses on international markets, reducing any country's quota in the market. In fact, the inattention to all pistachio price-fixing factors worldwide, would result in losing any competitive vigor on the part of Iran in the international market.

Iran's rivals in the global market, the U.S.A. , to cap it all , are on the point of knocking Iran out of the market by hook or by crook ; so fixing incompatible prices, regardless of any supply & demand as well as the probability of any price-lowering by rivals, harbor such evil opportunities for them ; therefore R.P.P.C.C's experts.

beside paying attention to the internal production situation, should be concerned about stocks, pistachio production situation in other countries & the developments coming along in the Europe as well as America –based markets & they have to do their best to work up the most acceptable price, offering it as the price base for every harvesting season to the producer's general assembly.

Pistachio sale price should be determined to the effect that either producers' interests or foreign customer's demand can be satisfied.

All producers should observe the fixed price. Underselling the product on the part of growers due to some financial needs would incur noxious after-effects, and, in aggregate, does harm to the whole domestic production and national interests.

There are some dealers who are active independently in the world market, even though they make scanty contributions to the country's pistachio export, they do undermine the stability of the market, diminishing the cooperative's maneuvering capability to reach agreement with foreign buyers.

It's natural that in case Iran is earnest in standing up for it's successful presence in the pistachio world market, all the bodies & organizations which can play significant roles in this regard, should proceed hand in hand.

The cooperative is not able to have the whole product collected by itself; in addition, product purchasing, processing & sales are among those jobs that the cooperative can't afford without the given neccessary assistances.

A growing consensus of opinion can be reached on the issue that the above-said bodies and organizations, should help with generous contributions to the producers who earn annually hundreds of millions of dollars for the country, and this way they have to came? helping the cooperative.

In the past, frequently there can be seen that lack of due coordination in this domain, would lead national interests as well as pistachio producers businesses to sustain bitter losses, while on the U.S. arrival in the competition arena, Iran's bearing up under such an uncoordinated situation would result in vicious complications.

The more the world market is supplied with the product, the fewer customers can be kept up with. Offering reasonable prices, while comparable favorably with those of international competitors in variety & quality, entails producing quality products, lowering cost price(s), delivering consignments in a more regulated manner, & a sound operation well thought & based on wisdom.

A summery of the cooperative – adopted most important policies on pistachio purchase.
  • Fixing pistachio purchase price to that extent which can meet grower's production & livelihood costs.
  • Discouraging growers from underselling pistachios to odd buyers, cheaper than announced tariffs.
  • Controlling domestic market to prevent any pistachio sale price decline through allowing the market gradual supplies.
  • Making attempts to raise the cooperative's buying rate as well as downsize pistachio supply allowed to internal and international markets to acquire suitable fixed prices.
  • Making sure that the product is healthy contaminated pistachios as well as those of inferior quality are prevented from being on the market.
  • Doing the stock-taking in a way the cooperative can supply adequately the market in any season, satisfying its customer's demands.

Note: The cooperative's Turnover reduction in pistachio purchasing since the year 1998 (1377 S.H.) to 2004 (1383 S.H.) has taken place due to the fact that foreign currency stability caused relative decrease in the cooperative's rial incomes; therefore, not only did the cooperative not receive any financial support from the government but also has offered sort of subsidies to the country's economy.

The cooperative's pistachio purchase ( 1982- 2003 )
Year Tonage
1982 11550
1983 19677
1984 6669
1985 15583
1986 35775
1987 18297
1988 40137
1989 23300
1990 44526
1991 59932
1992 60479
1993 47018
1994 34370
1995 73370
1996 54534
1997 22080
1998 519709
1999 33062
2000 48000
2001 35000
2002 60000
2003 27719
Total 823048

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