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R.P.P.C, from long ago, has been making determined efforts to enhance the quality as well as quantity of pistachio product and upgrade Iran's stance in the global markets. To avoid any prolongation, we offer just a summary list hereunder:

- The cooperative has attempted to affiliate itself to many international bodies of any agricultural & food industry interests so that it should be knowledgeable about global standards as well as regulations in its own field of activity. Observing such standards, the company adapts its operation for the international approved conditions, so any probable coming disagreements between the company & its customers would be avoided. Meanwhile the marketing & sale procedures go on more confidently. It's remarkable that all attendance costs are paid directly on the part of the company.

- Assisting pistachio research center in finding better ways toward the planting, maintenance & harvesting as well as product collecting ,storing up & processing. Not only the cooperative did give hand to the center to be formed but also through committing some research projects on various issues to the center, it makes use of the center presence to lift hindrances & obstacles in the way of pistachio production as well as controlling contamination contagion rate of product with Aflatoxin.

- The cooperation partook greatly of all attempts toward dispatching Iranian delegations to international fora, meetings of any research, technical & scientific interests & creating links with different authorities & institutions throughout the world. In the aforesaid job the contributing organizations were such as: Iran Export Development Org., Pistachio Corps to the ministry of Jihad Agriculture & Food Industry Health Dept. The General to the ministry of Health & Cure. The work would cause the feasibility for outsider bodies particularly those in the ministry of Jihad Agriculture to be advised with results concluded in seminars. Such institutions make the most of abroad-bound missions through accumulating their own powers.

- The cooperative has undertaken a considerable share in attracting & encouraging international delegations to come over to Iran especially E.U. officials who travel to Iran with the intention of gaining confidence in the improvement of pistachio production & processing, which eventually the whole pistachio industry & country's economy would gain. Both the cooperative & Iran Tree Nut Exporter's Union stand all travel expenses of foreign missions.

- The cooperative has played a terrific role in removing obstacles & barriers the local institutions may encounter, let's say, having offered assistance to the domestic utility bodies, Rafsanjan customs, Rafsanjan Health Dept. in purchasing Aflatoxin testing systems, & participating in a good number of research projects, to name a few.

- The cooperative management's invitation from a delegation of 10 European correspondents to visit the site. The visiting delegation came over to Rafsanjan to pay a visit to facilities & equipments of the cooperative's pistachio processing center & pistachio orchards, and then report on relevant issues to the european media; this way, they helped a lot to remove misunderstandings regarding the probability of Pistachio contamination with Aflatoxin. All the travel expenses including visa taking, itinerary, security measures, accommodations, transportation and all, was paid by the cooperative.

- Encouraging growers to utilize modern methods of gardening, product multiplication & quality upgrading. The job is one of those ways which can assure one to have top quality pistachio product. Reaching the goal & transferring knowledge pertinent to the cultivation & orchard keeping as well as product care-taking, the cooperative has accomplished some comprehensive instructional activities.

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