Canadian embassy's economy attaché's one – day visit to the r.p.p.c site
His Excellency Mr. John Rodney was received warmly by the company's commerce director as well as the representatatives to the Europe. Having toured the site Mr. John Rodney was acquainted with the situation of pistachio export to Canada.

Pistachio processing mechanized complex inauguration
The most sophisticated pistachio packing & processing complex has been inaugurated in the presence of their Excellencies mr.khsrow tag and Mr. Tahmasbi, the undersecretaries to the ministries of commerce and jihad-e-keshavarzi respectively. The complex owns pistachio silos (350 ton capacity each) capable of fumigation, monitoring moisture, temperature, weight, volume and pistachio dune. The complex also possesses well – mechanized as well as equipped lines with fumigation systems, gravity table, automatic packing and supervising systems. There also lie vacuum – packing machines to buffer the ill effects of ports damp & sultry weather on pistachios. There has also been issued purchase order for two electronic optical sensors from England – based sortex. So that the final product should be examined thoroughly and the good quality assured. The systems will soon be mounted on the end of the modern lines. Present were also some dignities from the president's consultants to provincial authorities & bank's members of board of directors down.

Pistachio symposium participants one day visit to the cooperative.
The 4th international pistachio and almond symposium affiliated to the world horticultural society was hedd in Tehran from 2005/5/22 to 2005/5/25 one of the. The symposium having finished ' the participants traveled to Rafsanjan to pay a visit to the cooperative's lay out & installation. The visitor's which taken with the ambience, visited the administrative dept. lab, scale, diagnosis unit, ounce Room, storehouses, fumigation units & packing & export sections. As they frankly uttered, the facilities fits all descriptions & falls above their expectations. R.p.p.c was one of the major sponsors of the symposium.

The assembling of color sortex units
Two color sortex units made by well famed England – based sortex . Were bought by the r.p.p.c and assembled in the modern and mechanized processing unit where had already been opened in the presence of some the state officials. The unit has been run to do the final remonitoring, inspection & removing of the aflatoxin – contaminated pistachios from the export basket.

The cooperative's activity in the green corridor
The cooperative has developed a vest activity regarding the green corridor, that is to say, the cooperative. Has signed up contract with a good number of pistachio terminal owners who enjoy great weight throughout the province & win the green corridor's approval, and is buying pistachios from growers. The above – said measures are taken so that pistachio production as well as processing quality might enhance and the risk of Aflatoxin contamination reduced to the minimum for export.

Major terminals participating in the project are: Vosoghi in rafsanjan Yazdani in rafsanjan Kesht karan in sadi Baneh – sabz in kerman Kara in kerman


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