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The cooperative co. came to being 35 years ago to the effect that it should put an end to the disorganized situation running throughout the pistachio production and marketing.
In that time, thousands of pistachio growers suffered from chaotic economy and found no way to curb the unreasonable decrease of pistachio price. The grower proceeded to establish the cooperative in the hope of approaching complicatednesses through putting together all the facilities.

The cooperative has influenced deeply on encouraging keenness in pistachio growers to expand pistachio orchard areas and improve the product quality, through providing them with equipments, machineries, implements & supplies.

  The Cooperative's Constitution-bound goal & macroprogroms
1.     Promoting & strengthening members' cooperation as well as contribution en masse.
2.     Supplying & distributing means & materials in want by the membership.
3.     Collection, maintenance, classification & packaging, transportation.
4.     Product marketing & sale in domestic as well as international markets.
5.     Rendering services to ameliorate vocational affairs.
6.     Utilizing machineries & en-masse training for the cooperative's membership.
7.     Fighting with botanical diseases.
8.     Pistachio production & exploitation of proprietorial as well as rental estates.
9.     Taking loan & monetary facilities to meet the membership's needs.
10.     Rendering instructional services in all needed fields to the membership
11.     Accepting members' products in trust & handing out to markets.
12.     Fulfillment of other affairs and due responsibilities
A description of rapid growth harmony in the pistachio industry and cultivation
- in the year 1982 (1361 S.H.) Pistachios were kept in traditional stores while in the year 2003 the cooperative has been equipped with such feasibilities to stare a capacity of 200 product.

- In the year 1982 the number of people involving in the pistachio producing as well as processing amounted just to 280 thousand ones where as in the year 2003 the figure topped 2.5m. people.

- In the year 1982 the country's pistachio production figure was less than 20,000 tn. whereas in the year 2003. the number has exceeded 210,000 tn.

- In the year 1982 the land area under pistachio cultivation added up to less than 40,000 hectares while in the year 2003 the cultivated area expanded further up to 400,000 hectares.

- In the year 1982 world markets have enjoyed just less than 6000 tn.of Pistachio while in the year 2003 the figure overtook 170.000 tn.

Some cooperative's measures in support of orchard owners.
- Handing out hundreds of water-pumping engine apparatuses among growers to supply growers' needed water who generally irrigate their own fields out of subterranean resources.

- Distributing thousands of agricultural machineries of different types like tractors, plowshares & relevant mechanical equipments imported by the cooperative.

- The import as well as distribution of more than 20.000 pick-up vehicles of different types of domestic as well as foreign make in order for the membership to run & satisfy their desperate needs in this respect.

- The handing out of thousands of poison-sprayer machines to fight botanical diseases of pistachio orchards.

- The import & distribution of thousands of sedans, station wagons. All-terrain vehicles, minivans & etc of various makes in the wake of growers' showing interest in this regard.

- Giving out thousands of household appliances, for example refrigerators, freezers, T.V's, gas-coolers, carpets & tens of essential staples like fertilizers, herbaceous poisons, tires, hundreds of excavators, dump trucks, concrete mixers & graders.

- The distribution of tens of thousand tons of sugar, rice, tea & other common staples of the membership's.

Note: According to the cooperation's constitution, the company is obliged to share extra profits out among the members, as before, in the preceding years, at least 400 bn. Rls($50m). in extra profit has been shared out among the membership.
Statistical view point in Pistachio industry development
  • In the year 1982 (1361 S.H.) pistachio export amounted to 6000 ton. and in the year 2003 (1382 S.H.)170,000 ton.
  • The country's pistachio export value total, in the year, 1982 (1361 S.H.) added up to $30m. while in the year 2003(1382 S.H.) approximated to $740m.
  • Upgrading pistachio quota out of agricultural products export total to more than 77%.
  • Increasing pistachio quota out of the country's non-oil export total up to 13%.
  • Earning more than $2bn. &600 m worth of pistachio export.
  • Winning an 83-percent share out of the world market in the recent decade.
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